I repair computers in Salisbury and specialise in desktop PCs and laptops, if you're having PC problems or need IT support then please get in touch.

This is not a computer shop, I operate my computer repair business from my home address which is: 35 Coldharbour Lane, SP2 7BY (See the map)

Salisbury Computer Repairs have been established since 2007 and have a strong customer base in and around the South Wiltshire area. I repair all computers using the Microsoft Windows operating system including Windows 7, 8 and 10. Windows XP is no longer supported

If you require friendly advice from an established business that's used to sorting out PC problems, please get in contact. 

Services at Salisbury Computer Repairs

I can offer a range of repair services for desktop PCs and laptops. Computers are generally a lot more reliable than they were ten years ago but problems do still occur. Common problems include slow starting (booting up) and slow operation, broken laptop screens, overheating and malware problems such as pop-up adverts.

Slow booting computer

If your computer is slow to boot up then it's likely that it's full of temporary internet files, remnants from old software installations or even infected with malware.

Laptop Screen Repairs

Laptop screens are very delicate and easily damaged. Any impact can damage the internal components of the screen and lead to the screen becoming partially or totally un-readable. Do you have a cracked or broken screen? If so, I am able to carry out laptop screen replacements quickly and efficiently. Please contact me for laptop screen repairs in Salisbury

Setting up a new computer

If you would like me to setup your new computer for you then please get in touch. I can transfer all of your documents and photos to your new computer as well setting up any other applications that you may decide that you need such as antivirus software.

Data Recovery

If you have a PC or laptop that has ceased to function then I can sometimes recover your important files, documents and treasured photographs. If you bring in a computer or laptop for data recovery please bring an external hard drive or memory stick so that I can copy the recovered data to it.

Pop-Up Adverts

If you find that you're getting pop-up adverts appearing on your screen or banners informing you that your computer is infected then you may have a problem with malware. You may also find that your usual 'home page' has changed or that you're being diverted to websites that you'd rather not see!

Overheating laptops

Do you have an overheating laptop? Symptoms of an overheating laptop include the laptop switching its self off after a few minutes and refusing to restart untill it's cooled down, the fan running at high speed continuously or just that the laptop is extremely hot all of the time.

If you need computer repairs in Salisbury then call me on 01722 328867